About Us


At Trident Processing Services, our key focal point is maximizing our services to initiate business growth. In an effort to generate continued growth, we provide constant and consistent training to our agents. Therefore, providing our agents with the necessary tools to make a successful pitch to future customers of our clients. As a result, our clients can allocate more time towards their overall desired business goals.

Moreover, we believe that in this age of technological advancements it is important to be consistent with all the latest developments. Therefore, we keep our ears to the ground for an opportunity to engage new technologies to improve the services offered to our clients. In addition, We focus heavily on technologies which ensure that all client information is kept secure and confidential. We also focus on technologies that allow our clients the much-needed technological freedom they require.  

Most importantly, all businesses need support. Whether it be internally or externally. Trident Processing Services seek to provide twenty-four (24) hour external support. 


Our customers are the most integral part of our business. We thrive on solving problems for our customers and make it a central part of our support role. As a result, we tend to approach each issue as swiftly and carefully as possible.

In addition, we provide agents who pay attention to customer feedback, review data and actively listen in real-time. Moreover, we understand that customers may not always want to talk to someone to get their problem solved. Therefore, if the issue can be solved by the customer then our agents will proactively provide instruction to do so.

We ensure that our team of professionals are well equipped with the much needed tools to increase business growth for our clients. For instance, the knowledge of several business operations so that each interaction with customers can be personalized. 

We utilize the best technologies to keep our customer data safe and secured.

The Best Thing About Working For Our Company

At Trident Processing Services Inc. We set our agents up for professional success. This includes in-depth training, goal setting and regular feedback. More importantly, we make our agents feel appreciated. Other benefits that we provide are listed below.