What Our Offshore Call Centre Agents Offer?

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Confidence is critical for any productive interaction. Our offshore call centre agents exhumes a level of confidence that provides our clients with the assurance that their business is in good hands.


Our agents treat each caller with the utmost respect and consideration.


Our agents maintain a high level of professionalism throughout all interactions.


Our agents seek to provide a high level of honesty, not only with their customers but with themselves.

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Call Handling Metrics

At Trident Processing services we pride ourselves on providing an optimum service to all customers who require our expertise. However, they are some key factors that may cause the level of performance to fluctuate. Those factors are:

Abandon Rate

This speaks to the number of unanswered calls. This represents those calls to the call centre that are not answered due to “no connection” to an agent.


This is usually expressed in seconds. It is the length of time an agent is on the call with the customer. This call handling time will vary from call to call depending on the nature and complexity of the caller's issue.


The average response time relates to the time spent engaging customers. This highlights whether agents are knowledgeable about the product or services being provided.


This is usually expressed as a percentage of the number of issues resolved during that call and do not require either the customer to call back or an agent to make an outgoing call to the caller with additional information.


What Do Our Offshore Call Centre Agents Possess?

male offshore call centre agent working


Our agents tend to go above and beyond their call of duy to satisfy all customer needs.

Calmness under Pressure

To mitigate any frustrations or hostile situations, we provide agents who possess calmness and patience when interacting with customers.

Effective Communication

Our agents seek to provide a high level of honesty, not only with their customers but with themselves.

in-depth knowledge

If you have a business, we guarantee that our agents will be knowledgeable about the products or services that you provide to your customers.

Active listening

The offshore call centre agents we provide are excellent listeners who are willing to listen to any situation a customer may want to speak on.


Our agents provide a level of empathy to each customer which allows them to make sound decisions through anticipation of the customers' needs

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